eCommerce Hosting Tips & Tricks - How to Optimize SEO For Your Magento Store ?

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Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform that comes with a pack of enclosed included that if used properly can assist you enhance your on-line sales considerably. the nice news is that Magento’s administration interface is very intuitive and it already has some cool backend SEO choices, therefore the learning curve won’t be steep. as a result of SEO may be a very huge subject to cover with one article, I'll simply describe the essential steps on Magento store optimization, specifically on-page factors (URLs, meta data and content). 
eCommerce Hosting Tips & Tricks

Tip 1. Content

Each page of your webstore ought to have unique, custom written text, be it a brief product description or a product-related article. distinctive content is what makes Google Rank your pages higher. Avoid duplicate contents. you will additionally insert image descriptions into your imaging (galleries, slideshows). By the way, once choosing a topic for your webstore, confirm it's an improved html structure designed with SEO in mind.

Tip 2. Reader-Friendly URLs

Clean, human-readable URLs are useful both for search engines and your guests. Firstly, as a result of they're a lot of eye-pleasing and easier to browse (if you use hyphens to separate words). This means, your potential purchasers are ready to estimate the content of your page just by glancing at the url on SERP (search engine results page). so as to regulate your inner URLs, simply log in to your Magento administration panel, go to System --> Configuration --> Web --> Search Engines Optimization.

Tip 3. Optimize page titles

Rewriting titles that don't seem to be optimized for SEO is the start for obtaining a fast improvement of your website’s position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). A page title ought to be short (approximately 60-70 characters), unique, descriptive and contain the main keywords of the page. additionally cover ought to be attractive, simple to read, and straightforward to grasp for the user.

Tip 4. Optimize META tags and descriptions

Look for the outline META tags, like title, header, and different html parts to be organized in your Magento web content. They contain data about the page that are visible only to search engines. META description is of specific importance as a result of it's used by search engines as a short description of the page. META description should have about one hundred fifty characters, contain short subject page and be attractive to customers. though it's very little relevance in determinant position in search engines, it's necessary from the perspective that it will persuade users to click on your web site rather than your competition.

Tip 5. Produce internal links

Internal links represent the chained / linked pages of an internet site. ranging from the primary page, attempt to create links to your most important pages of the positioning for both directing guests to its major sections and to direct site’s link juice (PageRank) to them. Use keywords in anchor link and check out to put links in context. 
How to Optimize SEO For Your Magento Store ?

Tip 6. Optimize page content

One of the foremost necessary steps in SEO copywriting is to form a list of keywords and phrases that may be used in searches. establish the most important words and phrases from the list and incorporate them into page content, title and Meta description. make sure the keyword density is nice and analyze the importance of every page. For this matter, you'll use the Keyword analyser tool.

Tip 7. Use the available SEO tools

Use Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to trace your website’s evolution. There additionally lots of tools through that you'll analyze the SEO importance of an internet site. Additionally, don’t neglect any extensions or plugins for the Magento platform, as they'll greatly ease your website’s improvement method.

Ready to get started?

Thanks to Magento’s user-friendly interface and nice customization options, it’s simple to optimize your web site for Google and different search engines. From sitemaps to page titles, every ways in this Magento SEO guide can improve your rankings.

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