Best eCommerce Hosting :: Formatting currency and Set custom Price in NopCommerce 3.4

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In this tutorial, we are talking about the way to set Custom price Format in NopCommerce 3.4 Hosting. I have seen many of us have this concern , that however can we format our value string in NopCommerce ? therefore is also this 'best ecommerce hosting' tutorial can assist you to realize your requirement. First of all, you must login into your administrator panel together with your admin credentials. 

After that simply follow the below steps :
1. Select the Configuration Menu --> Currencies sub menu
2. After that you may get the nopcommerce currencies page , in that page you have got to pick out your working currency and click on on Edit Link .
3. Now you may get the Edit currency page , you simply have to set the Custom formatting and save you changes.
4. That’s all , currently check it at user front side of your application.

When choosing a correct web hosting service for nopCommerce 3.4, there are a large range of factors that require to contemplate, among which the compatibility, performance, easy use and technical support are the foremost the most ones. As it can be a confusing method for beginners to form a choice, we've got discovered this guide to form clear of what ought to be taken care of. Before creating the payment, you'd higher make sure that the web host 

Best NopCommerce 3.4 Hosting Tips and Tricks

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I hope this can assist you. If you have got any question or suggestion then let me recognize!
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