NopCommerce Hosting Tips: How enable SSL (https) in nopCommerce?

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To enable SSL in nopCommerce, you will first need to purchase an SSL certificate and dedicated IP. This article assumes that you already purchase an SSL from SSL provider.
  • Install SSL on your web server
  • Open web.config file
  • Set UseSSL value to true (<add key=”UseSSL” value=”true” /> )
  • Then just save the file.
nopCommerce automatically switched to SSL when required ( for example, register, login and checkout admin ect.)

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Can I use shared SSL provided my hosting company in nopCommerce?

Most of ASP.NET hosting providers offers free shared SSL as apart of their hosting plan. Yes, you can use the shared ssl provided by your hosting provider in nopcommerce.
    Get SharedSSLUrl from your hosting provider
    Open the web.config and edit the following values

    <add key=”UseSSL” value=”true” />
    <add key=”SharedSSLUrl” value=”” />
    <add key=”NonSharedSSLUrl” value=”” />

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