ASP.NET Tutorial : Ocelot is a Free and Open-source API Gateway

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Ocelot is a free and open-source API Gateway developed on the.NET framework. Its purpose is to assist us in creating a single starting point for our microservices-based apps. The major purpose of Ocelot is to make it easy to submit requests to appropriate services. It also offers authentication, load sharing, and service discovery capabilities.

Tahir Naushad, a Microsoft software engineer, originally released Ocelot in 2016. It has now become one of the most well-known API Gateway solutions for.NET-based microservices, and it is widely utilized in the.NET community.

Ocelot can be used if you have a microservices-based design and wish to have a single access point for all of your services. By routing and transmitting requests, Ocelot can make it easy to send them to the appropriate microservices. It also offers authentication, load sharing, and service discovery capabilities.

Ocelot is the greatest API Gateway option for the.NET platform because it is compact and simple to use. It is intended to assist developers in creating a single starting point for their microservices-based apps. Ocelot's added capabilities, such as load sharing, service discovery, and authentication, can help you send requests to the proper microservices more easily.
How to Apply

Begin by including the following package:

dotnet add package Ocelot

Add to the Program.cs:

using Ocelot.DependencyInjection;
using Ocelot.Middleware;





var app = builder.Build();

await app.UseOcelot();

Create a JSON config file:

    "Routes": [
            "DownstreamPathTemplate": "/api/{everything}",
            "DownstreamScheme": "https",
            "DownstreamHostAndPorts": [
                    "Host": "",
                    "Port": 443
            "UpstreamPathTemplate": "/internal/{everything}",
            "UpstreamHttpMethod": [ "Get", "Post", "Put", "Delete" ]
Start Your Application
When you run your application, it will start listening for requests and routing them based on the Ocelot configuration.

This is a simple setup. Ocelot also offers more complex features like authentication, load balancing, and caching, which you may want to look into depending on your use case.

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