SPECIAL Discount! Best Magento 2.3.0 Hosting in UK

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Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. The software was originally developed by Varien Inc., a US private company headquartered in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. Magento is the provider of three distinct platforms, Magento Community Edition, Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. There were also two former platforms, Magento Professional Edition and Magento Go.

SPECIAL Discount! Best Magento 2.3.0 Hosting in UK


Magento Open Source 2.3.0 includes a wealth of new features as well as hundreds of enhancements and fixes to the core product. Look for the following highlights in this release:

Merchant tool enhancements

  • Inventory Management (provided by Multi Source Inventory (MSI)) is now available with Magento 2.3.0. It lets merchants manage inventory for all product types in a single warehouse and across complex shipping networks. Merchants can manage these locations as sources, tracking on-hand inventory quantities per product. Stocks map these sources and sales channels (websites) to provide an accurate, salable quantity as inventory pools for concurrent checkout and product reservations. Inventory Management also updates order and shipment options, giving you full control over your stock.
    MSI is a Magento Community Engineering special project open to contributors. To take part and contribute, see the MSI GitHub repository and wiki to get started

Improved developer experience

  • PWA Studio is a set of tools that support the development, deployment and maintenance of progressive web applications.
  • Declarative schema simplifies installation and upgrade procedures for Magento and extensions. Declarative schema reduce the need for many database scripts, eliminating the need to maintain these scripts. And here’s a big advantage: This features enables Magento to roll out database schema changes in patch releases (not currently possible). This feature supports split and shared database structures and database structure validation.
  • GraphQL API is now available with Magento 2.3.0. This API provides an alternative to REST and SOAP web APIs for custom frontend development, including headless storefronts and PWAs.
  • Asynchronous Web APIs allow any previous Magento REST APIs to be called asynchronously. This community-contributed feature includes separate status APIs that have been created to check the status of each request. Developers can now use the asynchronous APIs in conjunction with queues that have also been migrated to Magento Open Source.
  • Bulk Web APIs allow all existing REST APIs to accept payloads with multiple entities. These community-contributed bulk APIs support more efficient and scalable implementations that eliminate round-trip network overhead. Like asynchronous APIs, bulk web APIs can be used in conjunction with queues that have also been migrated to Magento Open Source.
  • Updates to Magento’s tech stack (including upgraded PHP support to maintain PCI compliance) include upgrades to Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, compatibility with PHP 7.2.x.

SPECIAL Discount! Best Magento 2.3.0 Hosting in UK

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