SPECIAL PRICES for the Best Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting in India?

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Among all those companies which can provide good environments for hosting sites, WindowsASPNETHosting.in is undoubtedly a competitive one. Up till now, the company has become one of the best choices for hosting ecommerce sites built with Joomla. However, many people are still confused about the installation process; thus, our editors have explained how to begin a business site with this script in detail.

SPECIAL PRICES for the Best Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting in India?

Joomla! has an in-app contextual help system to help every level of user to operate their Joomla. Most pages have a help button in the top right, helping you fully understand all options on that page.
Joomla 3.8.5 is now available. This is a bug fix release for the 3.x series of Joomla fixing regressions which were reported after the 3.8.4 release.

What's in Joomla 3.8.5?
Joomla 3.8.5 addresses regressions reported after the release of Joomla 3.8.4, including the revert of routing changes applied in Joomla 3.8.4 (learn more about issue #19512 on GitHub) and broken syntax highlighting in the CodeMirror editor.
Visit GitHub for the full list of bug fixes.

WindowsASPNETHosting.in Hosting Review

WindowsASPNEThosting.in offers 4 plans for Joomla, including the budget business class web hosting and dedicated server. WindowsASPNEThosting.in regularly charges INR 194.99 per month for the Developer PLAN Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting solution. If you are starting a new business with Joomla on WindowsASPNEThosting.in, we recommend you going with the most affordable plan to save the money and reduce the risk. With the growth of your ecommerce, you can feel free to upgrade to a more advanced hosting plan to meet the need of more traffic and consumers.

Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting in India

Hosting Features

WindowsASPNEThosting.in Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting solution is rich featured. Even the affordable Developer plan comes with the following Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting features:
Let's Find the Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting in India


WindowsASPNEThosting.in utilizes the most popular and user friendly Plesk Panel as its control panel with the most easy-to-use features for eCommerce users. Choosing WindowsASPNEThosting hosting, you just need 1 click, then you can get everything about the eCommerce ready. According to thousand of real customer reviews received by our site, 98.3% of the customers are highly satisfied with WindowsASPNEThosting.in control panel and regard Plesk Panel as the most usable control panel.

Data Center

WindowsASPNEThosting.in currently operates data center located in Mumbai (India), London (UK), and Washington D.C. (US). Their data center has fully redundant connectivity, and industry-leading monitoring and security systems. Built to scale to the needs of their domestic and international clientele, each data center leverages an ITIL-based control environment validated for compliance against HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC (formerly SAS 70) frameworks. Their data centers are also 100% compliant against OCR and PCI Audit Protocols. Each data center facility features one or more pods, each built to the same specifications with best-in-class methodologies to support up to 5,000 servers. Leveraging this standardization across all geographic locations, they optimize key data center performance variables including: space, power, network, personnel, and internal infrastructure.

Hosting Support

No matter when coming across any hosting problem, WindowsASPNEThosting.in hosting users are able to contact the support representatives through online chat and email. All the support staffs are standing by 24×7, so that they are capable of responding quickly and giving instant assistance to customers to resolve issues efficiently. What’s more, in the official knowledge base, there are a lot of articles with rich information about hosting, from which customers can find the answers of many questions. Besides, customers are able to browse the official forum to look for the answers of their issues.

Conclusion - Best and Cheap Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting in India

WindowsASPNEThosting.in deserves to be recommended and awarded as the winner of the best Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting provider in India. If you are planning to start a business with Joomla or move your Joomla site away a bad web hosting, WindowsASPNEThosting.in could be the best Joomla 3.8.5 Hosting choice you shall take a look. To learn more about the WindowsASPNEThosting.in hosting, visit:


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