Choose the Best PrestaShop v1.7.0.4 Hosting in Australia

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Choosing the Best PrestaShop v1.7.0.4 Hosting in Australia, we'll offer you with the answer. PrestaShop 1.7 is a major new version, and an important milestone for PrestaShop as a whole. This version is a great step forward for PrestaShop, both for developers with the inclusion of the Symfony framework and the revamping of the theme system, and for merchants with a focus on easing the first sale. PS 1.7 has a clear motto: “Sell faster. Code Better. Create easier”.

PrestaShop v1.7.0.4 is the most reliable and flexible Open-source e-commerce software. Since 2007, PrestaShop v1.7.0.4 has revolutionized the industry by providing features that engage shoppers and increase online sales. The PrestaTeam consists of over 70 passionate individuals and more than 500 000 community members dedicated to innovated technology.

PrestaShop v1.7.0.4 Hosting in Australia

- Back Office:
- Bug fix:
- #7303: Add some test before use finfo
- #7292: Fix log page email hint
- #7295: Fix the customer thread timeline display
- #7118: Add parent menu permission if sub-menu is selected
- #7252: Fix product page ajax calls when url contains numbers
- #7193: Fix modules translation form
- #7271: Fix import theme for windows & special name
- #7267: Fix preview button action

- Front Office:
- Bug fix:
- #7286: Use the right wording when guest is disabled
- #7195: Fix wrong displayed discount when it's higher than price
- #7162: Add error message when ordering number of item greater than quantity
- #7186: Always return a current order state
- #7185: Fix quick view in safari browser
- #7276: Add option with product to getManufacturer, getSupplier
- #7278: Do not let Classic override jQuery
- #7266: Fix category images generation
- #7248: Fix multishop popup design
- #7297: Fix clean filter event handler

- Core:
- Bug fix:
- #7310: Protect translated strings from XSS
- #7114: Set curl as main solution and fopen as fallback
- #7279: Fix escaped translations
- #7275: Fix module translations priority
- #7263: Fix module uninstall when overridden file is missing
- #7194: Fix issue on translations without params

- Installer:
- Bug fix:
- #7307: Fix croatian install adding quick_access
- #7296: Adding missing tabs in IT + VN + SR, and other tab updates
- #7274: Fix installer in Canadian and catalog cache
- #7284: Fix localization install for language not in data/lang
- #7294: Use the right locale for French Canadian

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