Choosing the Best & Cheap PrestaShop Hosting

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This article will guide you about Selecting the Best & Cheap eCommerce Hosting with PrestaShop There are so many web hosting which offering the best and cheap ecommerce hosting, but before I tell you who are the web hosting provider whose provide the best and cheap hosting for PrestaShop, I will going to give you some reason what really is PrestaShop

PrestaShop have just released version which includes several cool features and security updates. Version features new and improved performance and price calculations. It also has a newly designed back office that reflects PrestaShop’s new visual identity. Finally, European merchants will appreciate the new “Advanced EU Compliance” module, which helps stores comply with their country’s laws.
Choosing the Best & Cheap PrestaShop Hosting

PrestaShop Hosting

Fixed bugs:
[-] PDF : (9f7ab92) update constraints on Addresses display
[-] PDF : (e7103c4) updated b2b template
[-] PDF : (e0bde47) invoices printing now done as page groups to keep the pagination relevant
[-] PDF : (3464ca0) fixed pagination block display
[-] PDF : (a788652) Moved note block to his own remplate
[-] PDF : (b5ef9f2) (re) added shipping box in invoice

[-] FO : (331527c) Fix incorrect cart rules list in case of country restriction (PSCSX-7873)
[-] FO : (a343610) PSCSX-7449, fix parse error in AuthController.php
[-] FO : (42d8847) #PSCSX-5582 fix wrong displayed specific price on product detail
[-] FO : (755f77b) Fix warning if combinations are disabled
[-] FO : (05b701f) Fix combination price calculation with impact and reduction
[-] FO : (b1352d7) Fix JavaScript mistake in blocklayered.js
[-] FO : (8ee195a) fixed bug on payment module, check if defined $order object

[-] CORE : (9870d84) use a cached cacert file for curl
[-] CORE : (deebce3) Fixed double preg_quote()

[-] BO : (647eba0) Fix the display of the listing filters on the toolbar
[-] BO : (6e69c4a) Change only active state on bulk status change
[-] BO : (69b87a8) Fix incorrect shipping taxes in order slips (PSCSX-4881)
[-] BO : (44eb96c) Fix filter by category change not working after other actions. …
[-] BO : (76d53ac) add error message on upload theme bigger than post_max_size

Choosing the Best & Cheap PrestaShop Hosting

HostForLIFEASP.NET - ecommerce Hosting offers the Best, Cheap PrestaShop Hosting service helping customers to build websites of any kind easily. In this article, we mainly discuss whether HostForLIFEASP.NET web hosting worth going for e-commerce websites. In fact, to host an PrestaShop ecommerce site successfully, the web hosting should fully meet the following requirements:

  • The maximum volume of disk space and bandwidth for smooth data storing and transferring
  • Cheap price to help business owners save budget
  • User-friendly e-commerce software and 1-click application installer
  • Powerful control panel for easy management of website
  • 24/7 responsive technical support to ensure the most effective troubleshooting process
  • Good uptime record and fast hosting speed for an excellent website viewing experience

You will enjoy the full support of the experienced HostForLIFEASP.NET team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Affordable Budget prices, full features, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, No Risk Money-Back Guarantee - come and see for yourself why everyone is recommending HostForLIFEASP.NET for PrestaShop Hosting.

StrikeHawk - eCommerce provides development leadership. They are developers and site customization management specialist. Browse their PCI Ready hosting packages and e-commerce services. Their core infrastructure is specifically configured for PrestaShop server requirements. Each machine must pass a 35 page PCI inspection on a quarterly basis. Their support wizards are hand selected for their knowledge and hands-on experience with PrestaShop

They comprise developers, host masters and software operators. Everything you want to know about the shopping cart is provided free of charge. Just open a support issue or call them when you are stuck. When you install or migrate, your account is assigned a unique IP address. Every website on the World Wide Web has either a unique or shared IP address. That’s kind of like telephone numbers in non-tech speak. It is necessary for an installation of an SSL Certificate. - PrestaShop is the world's leading e-commerce platform; the application of choice for both small businesses and multinational corporations alike. Thanks to it's open-source, modular architecture, the software is loved for being flexible, customisable and well supported, yet still easy to use. Due to high demand, Tsohost have developed a range of PrestaShop optimised packages, with the aim of returning optimal application performance within a certain budget. They support everything from 'Community Edition' stores to 'Enterprise' installs, spread across your own private cluster.
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