PrestaShop Hosting Tips: How to Change Your Store Information, Logo and Favicon in PrestaShop

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In this tutorial, I will explain you about how to change your store name, address, email, logo and Favicon in PrestaShop

Change your store information:
To change your store's contact information, Click on your admin panel, "preferences" -> "store contacts".
After that, in the "contacts" section, simply edit: store name, shop email, registration, shop address etc.
When finished editing, click on the "save" button for the changes to take effect.

Change your store logo, favicon and other icons:
  1. To change your store logo or favicon, simply go to your admin panel, "preferences" and "themes".
  2. On the logo tab, simply click the "add file" button to upload your logo. After uploading your logo, click the "save" button.
  3. Note that you can also add logos for your emails and invoices by clicking on the "invoice & email logos" and you can add a separate logo for mobile users by clicking on the "mobile" tab. After uploading your logos, remember to click on the "save" button.
  4. To upload a favicon, simply click on the "icons" tab. Note that favicons should be around 16x16 pixels in size. Keep in mind that newly uploaded favicons don't show up immediately due to your browser's cache so if you don't see your favicon immediately after uploading it, you will want to either flush the cache on your browser, visit in the favicon in your browser and refresh the page or wait until your browser's cache expires.
  5. As for the "store icon", that icon shows up on the "our store" map page.
  6. After uploading your icons, click the "save" button. 

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