Hosting Ecommerce Tips: How to Clearing Cache Manually in Magento?

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Worked a little this afternoon on some techniques to speed up Magento, that is the e-commerce software that i take advantage of and, once some practice, actually enjoy. In any case, going through the .htaccess, I accidently uncommented something that was to be left commented out and as a result, ended up skewing the call from the head to the respective css and js files that were required to use and style the page. obviously this isn’t very good for business but I quickly corrected the error and uploaded the .htaccess.

Hosting Ecommerce Tips: How to Clearing Cache Manually in Magento?

Magento has a very good cache system that not only creates a faster loading presence once a page has been viewed once, however can keep structural errors from occurring as one is going through and testing distinction settings. the problem with this benefit is that, provided that the javascript was disabled, the magento admin becomes a useless set of unclickable links as their individual categories and a hrefs are all created using said code. during this case, I needed to refresh the cache to set everything back to normal however it was now unreachable. kind of a chicken and egg situation.

So what do you do when you can not access the cache or administrative panel to refresh? Well, just open up the old ftp or ssh and journey to your public_html/var/cache/ directory and check out all the cached Mage goodness. I’m sure someone better versed in Mage or Magento could tell me what the organizational structure is for this directory but I’ve found that it’s best just to give it the rm and delete all the contents.
Refresh your browser and you’ve got a working version of Magento again.

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