eCommerce Hosting Tips - How to Make Custom URL Rewrites in Magento?

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URL rewrites are an excellent tool for any non Magento Developers to include in purchase to bring control of the website, assist a website migration or just simply to relocate a couple of things around. Except for custom rewrites it may be a very little confusing. Here's a easy guide to Making Custom URL Rewrites Magento:

1. First, you must Find Magento URL Rewrite Management - by go to Catalog and then select Rewrite Management as seen on the picture below:

2. Now, Click Add URL Rewrite
3. Next step, choose the custom option from the drop down
4. Now you're faced with a couple of choices :
  • ID Path: Is the unique identifier for this rewrite. This should just be custom, but is only used for admin purposes
  • Request Path: Is the URL you would like to redirect
  • Target Path:Is the URL you would like the Request Path directed to
  • Redirect: You always want this to be permanent as 302 (or temporary redirects) do not pass any of the link juice to the new URL.
  • Description: This is an optional description field. Use this to keep notes on what and why you set this URL redirect up 
5. Fill these fields out correctly
6. Click Save- This must be the task done. Rapidly check out your redirect in order to make sure it’s working correctly

That's the way you Make a custom URL Rewrite in Magento. Hope it works out!

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