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Want to start your online store but don’t know how? It’s easy to create online store with WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. WordPress has been on the Web as a Content Management System for blogs. The most exciting part is, you can now do almost anything with it using premium and free plugins. WooCommerce is a full open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It offers a stable and secure platform built right on top of the WordPress Core making it easy to customise to your needs. Today, I’m gonna show you how to setup Woocommerce on your WordPress. Install WooCommerce is just as easy as any other WordPress plugin. You have 2 options:
How to Install WooCommerce ?

Automatic Installation

1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
2. Go to Plugin > Add New. In the search box, type ‘woocommerce’ and click the button Search Plugins.

3. After that it will go to the results page, look for Woocommerce – excelling eCommerce . Simply click the Install Now option.

4. On the pop-up, click OK to continue the installation, otherwise it will not proceed.

5. Once the installation is complete, activate the plugin by clicking on the Activate link.

Manual Installation

This method requires downloading the plugin source files from the official WooCommerce site.
Follow these steps:
1. First, Download your WooCommerce plugin to your desktop.
2. Extract the Plugin folder to your desktop.
3. With your SFTP program, upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WordPress directory online.
4. Log in to the WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins screen and find the newly uploaded WooCommerce plugin in the list.
5. Click Activate Plugin to activate it.

WooCommerce Hosting Recommendation

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