How To Prevent Your nopCommerce Site from Spammers and Best Cheap Recommended nopCommerce Hosting

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It is really important to secure your site from SPAMMERS. If you sell your product online and you receive many FAKE customers, it must be very annoying. Some of you must have ever experienced with this issue when host my nopCommerce site with hosting provider. And I believe that some of you ever encountered SPAMMERS to your site and spam your email server. When you check it, your email server is full and being blacklisted. Is that right? So, in this article I will will describe some tips how to prevent your site from spammers using nopCommerce security

Using CAPTCHA on your Best Cheap Recommended nopCommerce Hosting

A CAPTCHA program displays those annoying verification dialogues in which you have type in a couple of words that are hard to make out. From “A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.” With a CAPTCHA program installed, most automated web bots can’t register users by filling in basic information on a registration page such as name and email address. And, for your information reCAPTCHA is free! Just register it on
To setup CAPTCHA on your nopCommerce site, please follow this steps:

- Sign up for a reCAPTCHA account at
- Add a new site so that you can retrieve a reCAPTCHA key (see:
- Login to your nopCommerce site and go to administration à configuration à settings à General à Miscellaneous Settings.

- Click on the Security Settings Tab and enter in your reCAPTCHA Key
- Check off Show on Registration and Contact Us page

Done! You have done great job. Now your site is secure from annoying SPAMMERS.

Choosing BBest Cheap Recommended nopCommerce Hosting Provider

As nopCommerce is very good ecommerce CMS, now there are many people using nopCommerce for their online store. There are also many hosting provider that provide nopCommerce hosting. The question is how to choose best nopCommerce hosting provider. Here are some tips that help you to find nopCommerce hosting provider:

1. Reputable Best Cheap Recommended nopCommerce Hosting Provider

You need to find how long there are in this web hosting business. You need to find the provider that exist in this web hosting business for more than 5 years. With more experience hosting provider, your site will be more secure and they will keep your files safely.

2. One Click nopCommerce Installation

With one click installation, you can get your nopCommece site within 5 minute, why you need to wait longer if you can install your nopCommerce site directly from your Control Panel? Most of hosting provider offer this feature. If you have problem with the installation, then you can contact your hosting provider to install it for you

3. Choose Windows Hosting Provider

With hosting provider that focus in windows, then they must fully support .NET. To run nopCommerce hosting site, you need hosting provider that support .NET. Instead of .NET, you need to check they also offer for MSSQL database. If you unsure about this, then you can ask the information with your hosting provider.

4. Uptime Guarantee

You need to check whether your hosting provider offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your site often goes down, then you can’t make a sale. So, please make sure that your hosting provider offer this guarantee.

5. Customer Support

You also need to check whether your hosting provider offer for 24x7 support. How about if you need their support at middle night? How long they will response to your issue? With HostForLIFEASP.NET, they will help you anytime, no matter that’s Sunday night on December 25.

nopCommerce Best Cheap Recommended Hosting Recommendation

After finishing the tips discussed above, if you still have a web host in your mind, then it should be worth trying. Or if you now feel confused and need some suggestion, then you can read our previous article about nopCommerce hosting recommendation. 
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